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The Zen Family - Who are ‘We’?

By :Jill Chambers 0 comments
The Zen Family - Who are ‘We’?

At the moment, it’s just me! I created this concept 6 months ago, just before the Corona Virus shut down the World. I wanted to help the beautiful Island of Bali + it’s people who give so much to so many.

I have been overwhelmed by the amazing people both here in Bali + overseas asking ‘How can I be involved?’. ‘What can I do to help?’ Whether that’s donating their time + services to the product shoots or promoting via media or giving their valuable advice.

This idea of creating products locally (nothing new of course) and donating directly back into the Community via Children’s + Adult education programs is one that I am truly passionate about. It took many months of research + planning to figure out the best way to actually do this. 

I have a wonderful friend, Kadek, who has been helping me with understanding the current Education system in Bali.  Kadek is an English Teacher + is assisting me to create the After School programs + identify the areas + families who need this help the most. 

We will ensure the funds we raise go directly to the people. Literally directly into their hands. Most importantly to the Children in these Communities who can then start or continue their education and go onto great things.

My initial goal over this first 12 months is to help 100 Families + Children in the most underprivileged areas. It’s a big ask! But something I’m very determined to achieve. With your help of course.

Thankyou for reading and sharing the first initial stages of this epic journey together.  Even more importantly, if you decide to purchase from The Zen Republic, thankyou from the bottom of my heart and the families we’re helping. Your purchase means more to the local People than you can ever know.

Much Love + gratitude,

Jill x

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