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The Zen Project

By :Jill Chambers 0 comments
The Zen Project

The premise of The Zen Republic is to create a full circle approach to helping this wonderful Community.  I work with local Artisans to design products for The Zen Republic, thus creating more work for Adults on the Island. 

30% of sales then go into ‘The Zen Project’ which is set up to assist the many Children + Families who need it the most. This fund will also keep the amazing local Teacher’s in work, through the utilisation of their skills in our after School + Adult Education programs.

Lastly, we then employ only local people to work within ‘The Zen Family’, fulfilling orders, managing inventory + Customer Service.

Primarily the areas we will be assisting first are to the far north of Ubud - up to Muntigunung on the North Eastern side of Bali.

For full transparency, we pay our Balinese Artisans properly in fair trade conditions. The remaining funds are for operational running costs + to employ more Balinese people within The Zen Republic team. 

We have a full circle approach – 

  1. We’re helping the local Artisans with more work. 
  2. We help Children,  Adults + Teachers within the Community through the roll out of our After School + Adult education programs. 
  3. We help Balinese people who are currently out of work to work within The Zen Republic family.

A three tiered approach to helping the Community from every aspect.

Please follow our journey + behind the scenes  @the.zen.republic


Love + Abundance,

Jill x

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