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‘What’s your sign?’ Pure Silver Amulet Necklaces



Giving Back to Bali

Every product purchased assists children and their Families through our education assistance and programs. We provide school supplies, uniforms and food to families who need it the most. Your purchase means more to these Families than you can ever know.

Made on the Island of the Gods

All our products are 100% made and handcrafted in Bali by local artisans.


We ship to Australia, the USA, UK + Canada using DHL Global shipping. Free Shipping with orders over $100 USD’
‘What’s your sign?’ Pure Silver Amulet Necklaces

‘What’s your sign?’ Pure Silver Amulet Necklaces

‘What’s your sign?’
Pure Silver Amulet Necklaces

Putu Darma + his amazingly talented team hand make + craft every one of these Star Sign amulet necklaces.


The perfect gift for a Birthday for Men + Women.


The 12 Star signs:

Fire Signs:
Sagittarius | Leo | Aries

The Fire Signs are the most active of the Zodiac + all natural born Leaders.

Sagittarius is a fun, playful, fierce Leader who never shies away from new adventures. 

Leo the Lion, is fearless + strong. Leo’s are well known for being the centre of attention in any room.

Aries people are known for their boldness + are always willing to take risks.

Earth Signs:
Virgo | Taurus | Capricorn

The Earth sign family are grounded + stable. Known for their steadfastness + reliability.

Virgo is a total Perfectionist. You’ll never find a Virgo’s house in a mess. They are true + reliable friends who will do anything for you.

Taureans are practical, stoic + determined. Ruled by the Planet Venus, they share her traits of beauty + love of luxury.

Capricorn’s are ambitious, driven + realistic. They are thought to be the most serious sign of the Zodiac + are usually great leaders in business.

Water Signs:
Scorpio | Cancer | Pisces

The Water signs are fluid + changeable. Ruled by emotions, they are the most empathic of the Zodiac.

Scorpio’s are known for their toughness + honesty. They are strong minded but fiercely loyal friends.

Cancer’s are fiercely protective + loyal. They are known for being one of  the most Intuitive + psychic of all the Signs.

Pisceans are known as the most artistic + romantic of the signs. They love any artistic pursuit + are well known as the dreamers of the Zodiac.

Air Signs
Gemini | Libra | Aquarius

The Air Signs are intellectual + curious by nature.

Gemini’s are generally easy going + adaptable. They love to socialise + be with people who stimulate their minds.

Libran’s are known for being charming, beautiful + making peace in any situation.

-Aquarians are best known for their assertiveness, original thinking + Humanitarian side.


60cm long chain. Pure high grade 925 silver.